Domestic intracranial pressure monitoring device launched by Rauemedic.

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The ‘Raumed Home ICP’ device has been launched by Rauemedic in order to measure pressure inside the cranium, and has been developed for people who suffer from hydrocephalus. The device will diagnose the condition and similar clinical pictures to deliver signals for therapy.

The neuromonitoring involves a twenty minute procedure in which a catheter is inserted under the patient’s scalp by a neurosurgeon. The circular reader antenna, located on the device, is then placed above the catheter, in order to store intracranial pressure data. The patient is then able to move freely in their home and can use the control element to choose events that are occurring during measurement such as headache, sports, sleeping, eating and nausea.

“The ‘Raumed Home ICP’ device has been launched by Rauemedic.“

The Head of the Neuromonitoring Department at Raumedic, Ingo Bartels, stated: “What used to only be possible at the clinic can now be carried out at home. While patients are taking care of their daily activities, the Raumed Home ICP is continuously monitoring their intracranial pressure. The data taken by self-measurement together with information from additional treatments give physicians a sound basis for decisions and for initiating suitable therapeutic measures.”

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