DePuy launches software for knee surgery

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DePuy Orthopaedics has announced the launch of new software that is designed to significantly enhance the practice of computer-assisted knee replacement surgery.

Unveiling the CI Essential Knee System, DePuy has stated that its computer software provides surgeons with a three-dimensional view of the knee joint to boost accuracy when aligning implants during knee replacement surgery.

Manish Gupta, director of knee products at DePuy, commented on the software's release.

"The goal of the Ci Essential Knee software design is to increase operating-room efficiency, decrease planning time for the surgeon during surgery and make the software easier to use for the surgeon and the surgeon's staff."

As a result of the growing number of baby boomers with osteoarthritis and a rise in obesity, the demand for knee replacement has increased rapidly.

In the US it has been predicted that the number of primary total hip replacements will increase by 673 per cent to 3.48 million by 2030.

Earlier this month, DePuy announced the launch of the Delta Xtend reverse shoulder system to aid patients suffering debilitating shoulder conditions by reversing the anatomy of the shoulder to make use of the healthy deltoid muscle to offer pain-free shoulder functioning.

DePuy Orthopaedics is a Johnson & Johnson Company.

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