Modius SLEEP launched by Neurovalens

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Neurovalens has launched its next generation Modius SLEEP device, following the success of its predecessor Modius SLIM. With the new device, sleep neurons in the brain are stimulated to decrease the time taken to fall asleep and to keep the recipient asleep for a longer duration. Neurovalens conducted a thirty day study and the results conveyed that ninety-five percent of users said that the device improved their sleep, and seventy-one percent stated that their sleep issues had a positive turn-around when they used the Modius SLEEP device. Overall, eighty-five percent of users were satisfied with their improved sleeping patterns. Neurovalens’ mission to ‘improve global health and wellness by providing drug-free, neurological solutions for common health problems’ remains very much on track.

“Neurovalens has launched its next generation Modius SLEEP device.“

The CEO of Neurovalens, Jason McKeown, stated: “Thousands of Modius SLIM device users around the world found improved sleep was a welcomed bonus reaction and our motivation for making changes to our technology to create Modius SLEEP. This new headset taps into the power of the brain’s hypothalamus, which acts as a mini-computer and influences many areas of the brain, including weight loss and sleep. Our aim is to help people avoid sedatives and sleeping pills as they mask the underlying problem and produce unpleasant side effects. We use neuroscience to improve lives through safe, innovative, non-invasive products and have complete confidence our SLEEP device is just as life-changing as our SLIM device has been.”

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