Metrios AX unveiled by Thermo Fisher Scientific.


At the ISTFA 2019, Thermo Fisher Scientific unveiled the ‘Thermo Scientific Metrios AX’, the first S/TEM to automate high quality data collection through machine learning. The Metrios AX is purely designed for the semiconductor industry and facilitates precise and accurate data to be generated at a fast pace by the lab operators. Machine learning has been implemented into the S/TEM which has allowed more constructive use of the microscope due to the decreased time required to develop automated recipes. Furthermore, semiconductor labs are able to measure and obtain dimensions on their devices during manufacturing and development.

Obtaining sub angstrom resolution images with higher contrast, automating repetitive jobs and keeping the microscope aligned for peak performance is easier and cheaper per sample than traditional S/TEMs because of the Metrios AX being built on Thermo Fisher’s Spectra platform.

“Thermo Fisher Scientific unveiled the Thermo Scientific Metrios AX.“

The Vice President and General Manager of Semiconductor at Thermo Fisher, Glyn Davies, stated: "The Metrios AX was specifically designed to improve failure analysis, process qualification and metrology by helping semiconductor labs easily create automated workflows that improve productivity. This innovative S/TEM removes the barriers to automation, giving semiconductor manufacturers quick access to the trusted data they need so they can make highly informed decisions expeditiously."

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