Launch of the Glidewell Dental ZERAMEX XT implant


The Glidewell Dental Symposium was hosted in Orlando this year, where a new dental device named the ‘Glidewell Dental ZERAMEX XT Implant’ made its first appearance. The purpose of the metal free, ceramic implant is to help clinicians offer realistic aesthetics for patients with thin tissue biotypes or in the anterior. The new implant comes in different diameters both 4.2mm and 5.5mm.

“The new ‘Glidewell Dental ZERAMEX XT Implant’ has made its first appearance.“

Chief Operating Officer of Glidewell Dental, Greg Minzenmayer, stated: "The addition of ZERAMEX XT to our implant portfolio is part of our ongoing efforts to help dentists meet the varying needs of their patients. The implant is a great, metal-free alternative for cases with high aesthetic demands, and we consider it yet another simple, accessible solution for expanding implant services in the general practice."

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