Bioquell introduce new lab decontamination service


Bioquell has established a new service for category III laboratory cleanroom decontamination.

The company has launched the new service that offers guaranteed 24-hour call out, annual site inspection, detailed reports, decontamination certificates and provision of risk assessment.

Decontamination technology provided by Bioquell has proven efficacy against many micro-organisms - including tuberculosis - and has been independently verified as an effective disinfectant system for cleanrooms, hospital wards and aseptic processing areas.

Laboratory fumigation has traditionally been a lengthy process that results in the facility being closed for days and formaldehyde has been the standard fumigation method for decontamination.

Formaldehyde's drawbacks include persistent residues, the need for post-fumigation cleaning and long lead times - meaning it was never seen as an optimal means of lab decontamination, the company asserts.

However, Bioquell states that hydrogen peroxide vapour technology provided by Bioquell provides a "viable", "recommended" alternative to formaldehyde fumigation.

Bioquell recently reported the launch of Bioquell Z, a new concept in micro-organism deactivation.

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