Clean’ners™ is changing the way patients look after their aligners


Co-founders John Doherty and Rob Lewis have created Clean’ners™ aligner cleaning tablets as they believe aligner care should be easy.

Based on John’s own experience as an aligner patient and knowledge of the dental industry, combined with Rob’s microbiology background, they set out to create a product and service to help make it easier for both patients and dental care professionals when it comes to looking after their aligners.

“Clean’ners™ is changing the way patients look after their aligners“

In addition, insights from patients and feedback from dental care professionals have helped shape Clean’ners™.

Clean’ners™ aligner cleaning tablets are:

• CE marked

• Kill odour causing bacteria

• Clean and brighten aligners

• Give all day freshness.

How Clean’ners™ work

1. Dental practitioner provides a free starter pack of six Clean’ners™ tablets with the practitioner’s unique code

2. Patient registers for the complete duration of treatment on

3. A three-month supply of Clean’ners is sent direct to the patient every three months of their treatment and the practitioner receives their revenue.

Why Clean’ners™?

• With patients wanting clean aligners every day, Clean’ners ™ provides them with exactly what they need, when they need it

• Our product is approved to clean aligners

• Patients use a unique code to receive free postage and packing

• You don’t have to buy, store or sell any stock but know your patients will be getting the correct product from you rather than from the internet, pharmacy or supermarket

• It’s easy to partner with Clean’ners™, the dental care professional only needs to recommend Clean’ners™ by giving a free sample and we do everything else.

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