American Medical Systems broadens introduction of MiniArc

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American Medical Systems had announced that it is widening the global evaluation of its MiniArc single incision sling used for female stress urinary incontinence, after the product saw "promising" results from its current limited introduction.

The company is to increase the number of sites at which the MiniArc is implanted in order to mark its success and highlight the company's dedication to providing robust clinical data to assure patients and physicians of the effectiveness of the system.

Using the clinically-proven mesh present in other slings from American Medical Systems, the MiniArc is implanted using a single incision procedure designed to improve patient recovery with a less-invasive operation.

Martin J Emerson, president and chief executive officer of the company, said: "We are pleased with the clinical results we've seen thus far on MiniArc and are excited to take the next step in expanding our physician evaluation sites globally."

He added that the firm is to launch a two-year study of the system to further explore novel and minimally invasive ways to treat stress urinary incontinence patients.

In January 2007, American Medical Systems announced its financial results for the 2006 fiscal year, with the firm recording a 36 per cent increase in sales to $357.7 million (181.6 million pounds) over the full-year period.

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