Bioquell launches new decontamination service


Bioquell has launched what it calls an "entirely new" service for decontaminating controlled areas.

The service will provide a guaranteed 24-hour call out, with annual site inspection and provision of risk assessment and method statements.

Entire laboratories can be decontaminated in less than two hours, with hydrogen peroxide vapour used for the process.

Bioquell states that the decontamination technology has proven efficiency against tuberculosis and a host of other micro-organisms.

This contrasts with formaldehyde, which is normally used as a fumigation method, but has long lead times, the possibility of residue formation and the necessity of post-fumigation cleaning.

Bioquell adds that hydrogen peroxide vapour has proven biological efficacy against bacterial endospores, vegetative bacteria and viruses.

It is also used in the Bioquell Z, a device used for micro-organism inactivation.

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