Government publishes healthcare jobs action plan

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The Department of Health (DoH) has announced the publication of a "detailed action plan" outlining the means to increase the job opportunities of recently qualified healthcare professionals in the UK.

Produced jointly by the DoH, trade unions and employer representatives through the Social Partnership Forum, the plan makes a number of recommendations to help newly qualified professionals gain employment.

These proposals include the establishment of "talent pools" of newly qualified professionals looking for their first job, a feasibility study of an employment guarantee scheme, the use of career advisors and the partnership between unions and NHS Careers, among others.

Sian Thomas, deputy director of NHS Employers, said: "It is crucial that we do everything we can to identify job opportunities for new qualifiers who have been unable to find work."

He added that the best use of this staff is necessary to ensure a high standard of patient care, with this plan looking to find solutions to staff challenges at a local level.

Last month, the DoH announced the findings of the independent review group charged with assessing the selection process for junior doctor, with the group making a number of recommendations regarding the interview, short-listing and guidance procedure.

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