New diabetes and obesity products lead to an increase in sales for Novo.


New type 2 diabetes and obesity treatments from Novo Nordisk are helping to counterbalance the decline of the insulin sales. Sales increased in the last quarter, mostly thanks to the new diabetes and obesity treatments, however the operating profit growth remained flat.

The price of insulin has been a disputed subject because pharma companies face pressure from government officials and patient groups, and Novo has been challenged with rival companies such as Eli Lilly who were the first to market. Novo has however managed to remain a strong competitor with a steady growth from Ozempic, and is also relying on its new oral semaglutide drug, which received approval from FDA, called Rybelsus. The drug is the first oral alternative to injectable GLP-1 agonists and Novo believe it will be a hugely successful product.

“Novo diabetes and obesity products lead to an increase in sales.“

Novo Nordisk’s president and CEO, Lars Fruergaard Jorgensen, stated: "We are very satisfied with the sales growth for the first nine months of 2019, which was driven by all regions in International Operations and growth across our therapy areas diabetes, obesity and biopharmaceuticals. During the third quarter of 2019, we have reached two very important milestones ¬- the US FDA approval of Rybelsus and the blockbuster status of Ozempic following the successful launch in the USA, two major events that emphasise the strength of our current and future GLP-1 franchise.”

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