OHF launches Mouth Cancer Action campaign


The Oral Health Foundation has launched its annual Mouth Cancer Action Month at the Houses of Parliament, supported by the likes of The Throat Cancer Foundation, Boundaries for Life, HPV Action, The Swallows, Noman is an Island, Oracle Trust, and Head and Neck Cancer Foundation. Speakers at the event were many, and here are just some of their messages:

Dr Philip Lewis of the Mouth Cancer Foundation said: “Public awareness programmes, self-examination and well-informed decisions are all pivotal to this struggle. Everyone needs to take an interest, and everyone needs to spread the word. Together we will make a difference.”

“The Oral Health Foundation has launched its annual Mouth Cancer Action Month“

Dr Nigel Carter, CEO of the Oral Health Foundation, said: “The sad fact is that the number of mouth cancer cases continues to increase year on year. When we took on this campaign nearly two decades ago, we were looking at just over 3,000 cases each year. In the last year or so, we have had over 8,300 recognised cases of mouth cancer. That is a huge increase, and it is one of the few cancers where the number of cases has started to increase. We want everyone to be more mouth aware during this year’s campaign. This means being able to identify the signs and symptoms of mouth cancer. We need to understand what is more likely to put us at greater risk, and importantly, know where to go if you spot anything out of the ordinary.”

Dr Catherine Rutland, head dental officer at Simplyhealth, said: “We are proud that this is our 19th year working with the OHF. There’s been massive progress made on the awareness front in the last couple of years. The Blue Lip Selfie campaign we are running with the OHF is a really positive way to get involved with the campaign. Get hold of some blue lips, wear some blue lipstick, post your blue lip selfies and use the #BlueLipSelfie to raise awareness.”

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