Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches Gibco BenchStable Media


The Thermo Fisher Scientific Gibco product line has been enhanced by the launch of Gibco BenchStable Media, new cell culture media that remain stable at room temperature, providing a flexible, energy saving alternative for biological researchers who want to reduce their reliance on cold storage without disrupting their existing workflow. The Gibco BenchStable Media can be stored anywhere with other temperature-stable solutions, and are packaged in fully recyclable boxes which prevent light exposure. Moreover it can act as a direct replacement for basal media used in researchers' existing workflows, allowing for easy substitution.

“Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches Gibco BenchStable Media “

President of Biosciences at Thermo Fisher Scientific, Dr. Amy K. Butler, said: "Flexibility is important for our customers, especially those who have limited cold storage space but still want to store culture media close to their benchtops. The energy savings from cold storage elimination is important, and we're also pleased the new media are shipped in fully recyclable packaging, enabling both our customers and Thermo Fisher to further reduce our carbon footprints and make the world cleaner."

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