VMD enhanced emergency response plan for veterinary medicines.

Animal Health

The VMD has confirmed that medicines authorised for UK use will continue to be authorised after Brexit and can continue to be on the market for sale and supply in their existing packaging.

“VMD enhanced emergency response plan for veterinary medicines. “

A joint statement by NOAH and VMD said “Supply issues of medicines will arise from time to time, and the VMD have been working closely with NOAH to ensure there is a robust system in place to detect and potential problems at the earliest point possible. The VMD has enhanced its emergency response plan to address supply issue concerns, and veterinary medicine manufacturers and suppliers have also prepared for our exit from the EU by considering alternative logistic options, having appropriate stock levels and working to meet new customs and border requirements. We encourage vets to continue with their normal ordering patterns in order to maintain appropriate stock levels of veterinary medicines. Animal owners should seek professional advice in order to discuss vaccination timings, and for those that have pets who are undergoing long term treatment, to seek repeat prescriptions in good time from their veterinary practice.“

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