Three BI campaign booklets commended at BMA Patient Information Awards

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The BMA Patient Information Awards have taken the unusual step of awarding a pharmaceutical company, rather than a charity or medical organisation, for its patient material that is accessible, well-designed and clinically balanced. Three booklets commissioned by Boehringer Ingelheim for their More than Scleroderma campaign, addressed what the company saw as an unmet need in a complex, and devastating rare disease. Hamell conducted primary research with people living with scleroderma, their loved ones and medical staff to uncover what they understood and feared about the condition.

The BMA Final Judging Panel said: “This is an excellent resource. It has been very carefully researched and tested with patients and clinicians. This is apparent from the design of the booklet itself. In particular, designing it for use by patients with scleroderma (and often reduced dexterity in their hands) is very helpful indeed and clearly a result of patient feedback. The tabs on the sides are also clever and make it easy to use. It can be a resource for patients to use alone, or used with a nurse, doctor, carer or family member due to the large and clear font. It is carefully and clearly written, with only salient details in simple English. There is a link to an excellent online resource.”

“Three BI campaign booklets commended at BMA Patient Information Awards“

Pharmaceutical physician David Ingram said: "This is the best patient leaflet I have ever had the pleasure to see, to the extent that I had to ask my wife to look at it to see if she could find fault. The first 20 pages are concerned with general encouragement to carers and patients to work together as a team and demonstrating how this team effort improves quality of life. It aims to support and encourage both carers and patients with scleroderma who know the condition is untreatable and have yet to learn that many symptoms may be mitigated by changes in diet or by specific exercises.”

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