Thermo Scientific Sentinel 3000 improves productivity, functionality and performance


The Thermo Scientific Sentinel 3000 multiscan metal detector is the first multi-frequency detector designed for checkweigher combination systems to enable food manufacturers and food quality managers to improve productivity by combining the benefits of multiscan metal detection technology with accurate weight control. By integrating the detector onto the checkweigher frame, the need for an external metal detector conveyor is eliminated. New Versa checkweigher software incorporates the ability to operate the checkweigher and metal detector from one screen and is designed to improve usability and reduce training time. Users can select up to five frequencies from 50 to 1000 kHz and scan through each frequency at a rapid rate. It is designed to identify contaminants that are up to 30 percent smaller in volume than previous Thermo Scientific technologies, and increases the probability that all random sizes, shapes and types of metal foreign objects are found before food products reach consumers.

“Thermo Scientific Sentinel 3000 improves productivity, functionality and performance“

Lead product manager, metal detection and X-ray inspection for Thermo Fisher Scientific, Bob Ries, said: "Food manufacturers are increasingly adopting combination systems for more economical product inspection. The Sentinel 3000 metal detector enables them to use advanced multi-frequency technology to keep consumers safe while optimizing space. An integrated metal detector also provides superior value since the hardware is shared with the checkweigher."

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