BOC raising concerns about ‘direct to consumer’ orthodontics


The British Orthodontic Society and the Oral Health Foundation are to partner on a national campaign to warn patients about risks from DIY orthodontics. Together they have created a website that will be launched this December that contains information about orthodontic treatment with a view to urging patients to make an appointment with a trained clinician so that they get the correct amount and type of information required. Jonathan Sandler, president of the British Orthodontic Society, said: “We are teaming up with the OHF as we are concerned about the potential harm of DIY orthodontics on patients”. His fears were echoed from across the Atlantic by Dr Jay Bowman, American Association of Orthodontics, who said: “I share many of the same concerns about direct to consumer treatments.”

“BOC raising concerns about ‘direct to consumer’ orthodontics“

Dr Nigel Carter, chief executive of the Oral Health Foundation, said: “As the demand for adult orthodontics increases, so do the options for patients. We are seeing a growth in online companies offering orthodontic treatments at significantly reduced prices. Orthodontics should always involve face to face contact with a trained clinical professional. This is to ensure safety and effective treatment.”

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