Philips and PURE collaborate on tele-ultrasound training program for Rwandan health workers

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Royal Philips and Point-of-care Ultrasound in Resource-limited Environments (PURE) have announced their partnership on a tele-ultrasound mentorship program to provide diagnostic ultrasound training to health workers in Rwanda, supporting the country’s primary and emergency care system.

PURE has been providing ultrasound training in Rwanda since 2011, and now Philips’s portable point-of-care ultrasound solution, Lumify with Reacts, is helping the non-for profit company to connect a team of ultrasound experts based in Europe and the US with the University Hospital of Kigali. The Reacts communications platform enables two-way audio-visual calls with live ultrasound streaming, so both parties can simultaneously view the live ultrasound image and probe positioning, while discussing and interacting at the same time.

“Philips and PURE collaborate on tele-ultrasound training program for Rwandan health workers “

Bich Le, Business Leader Ultrasound, Philips, said: “Ultrasound is an important first-line diagnostic tool, but may be limited by the capabilities of the user conducting and interpreting the scan. At Philips, we are focused on providing ultrasound tools that aid in answering key clinical questions simply and quickly and we continue to believe that sustainable education is critical to increasing access to ultrasound and improving healthcare globally.”

Dr. Vincent Ndebwanimana, Emergency Care Physician at the University of Rwanda. “The role of point-of-care ultrasound in improving emergency medicine in Rwanda is really important. We have a limited number of radiologists that we can call on to perform scans, and as a result there is often a delay in providing care to patients. Now I can make the emergency diagnosis myself so that I can much better fulfil my responsibility as an emergency physician.”

Dr. Trish Henwood, President and Co-Founder of PURE and a specialist in emergency medicine and ultrasound, said: “The Rwandese healthcare system has a rapidly developing emergency care infrastructure but still experiences challenges with limited rapid diagnostic capabilities, yet diagnostic imaging is essential in providing specialist-level care for the majority of acute illnesses and injuries presenting. The goal of this new tele-ultrasound mentorship program is to get our mentors and mentees better connected, helping to greatly increase the number of physicians we can train, and sustainably develop ultrasound expertise at the point-of-care throughout Rwanda.”

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