New study reveals link between sugary drinks and an increased risk of death


New research published in JAMA Internal Medicine has revealed a link found in a recent study of 450,000 EU citizens between drinking sugary soft drinks and a greater mortality risk. The study found a correlation between consuming such drinks and deaths from digestive conditions, and between diet soft drinks and deaths from circulatory diseases. Participants who had two or more a day were more at risk of dying from bowel disease, heart disease and strokes.

“New study reveals link between sugary drinks and an increased risk of death“

CEO of the Oral Health Foundation, Dr. Nigel Carter, said: “In the UK, we have one of the highest rates of sugar consumption worldwide. This study is a frightening eye-opener and reminds us that excessive amounts of sugar can be really harmful to our health. Added sugar is the main culprit when it comes to several major chronic diseases including tooth decay, diabetes and heart disease….More must be done to drive down sugar consumption and incentivise healthier alternatives. Tooth brushing twice daily, with a fluoride toothpaste, is a crucial aspect of good oral health but it cannot prevent tooth decay caused by excessive sugar consumption….Plain still water is the best ‘tooth-friendly’ way of quenching thirst, without putting our health at risk. The sugar tax shows that government intervention is absolutely necessary for reducing the amount of sugar on supermarket shelves and in British homes. Tighter regulation, along with making healthier alternatives more financially affordable, are the next important steps in fixing the UK’s unhealthy relationship with sugar.”

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