Synergy Vision formalises 4-day working week

Healthcare Communications

Following a 6 month pilot that commenced in December 2018, and a tracking survey that showed staff to be happier, less anxious and more productive, Synergy Vision is now ready to make its 4-day working week official. Positivity about the initiative was roughly 97% in December 2018, fell to 89% in January, and back up to 100% by May. More than half of all staff had no issues due to the 4DW and of those who did, problems were quickly rectified.

Senior Scientific Editor, Billy Jenkins, said: “Even the client-facing teams have successfully moved to the 4-day week and we have all enjoyed the benefits in some way. Working 4 days a week has made my work-life balance more manageable. It’s definitely freeing me up to approach work with a fresh mind every day and I have been more focused and productive as a result. What surprised me was that some of the initial challenges have turned out to be positive. It was daunting to think of fitting the same amount of work into fewer hours, but with the whole team sharing the goal of working together more effectively to make it possible, we have come up with some great solutions and communicate much better than before.”

“Synergy Vision formalises 4-day working week“

Managing director, Eileen Gallagher, said: “We’re thrilled to be at the forefront of the 4DW movement, particularly given the demands that our sector often puts on work-life balance. Obviously, delivering the difference to our clients is at the heart of Synergy Vision and we have shown that we can still do this and have a focused, happier 4DW workforce. We had considered the pros and cons of a 4DW at length and were expecting to have to adapt. Ultimately, because we were all open to challenging existing processes, the adjustments were minimal. It really demonstrates that ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way.’ What’s great is that clients have been so supportive, even with some trepidation. Following our pilot, we are delighted to say that none have reported any concerns as a result of the new working patterns.”

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