Elanco online health hub launched

Animal Health

Elanco has launched its new online Osurnia ear health hub to help vets treat canine otitis externa. It will provide access to Elanco’s first otitis podcast, featuring an interview with veterinary dermatology specialist Sue Paterson, canine OE information, expert interviews, and practice support materials devised by dermatology and behavioural experts. Elanco envisages that the hub will assist vets in improving their skills through use of CPD resources and educational materials to enhance their expertise and ability to diagnose and treat canine otitis externa, and to educate owners.

“Elanco online health hub launched.“

Elanco Animal Health’s Rebecca Bryant, Marketing Manager, CA Therapeutics UKIE, said: “We know all too well the challenges vets face when treating canine OE and the significant impact the condition has on the quality of life of both the dog and the owner. The Osurnia Ear Health Hub is a new disease resource hub on MyElanco, which provides helpful resources for veterinary professionals looking for answers or to enhance their understanding of the disease.“

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