NHS announces £700 million saving on annual medicines bill

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As part of the Long Term Plan, the NHS has announced it has made a £700 million saving from the annual medicines bill,

As part of a campaign, the NHS has been supporting patients and doctors to maximise the use of biologic medicines to treat conditions such as arthritis and cancers, in the hope that they can save £400 -£500 million per year by 2020-2021, and invest this into new innovative and cost effective treatments.

“NHS announces £700 million saving on annual medicines bill“

NHS chief executive Simon Stevens commented “Effective treatment is being given from best value versions of expensive medicines to patients across the NHS, and at the same time is saving the taxpayer hundreds of millions of pounds. We will continue to drive the changes and ensure that patients have access to life changing medicines.”

The NHS reminds that the patients should be involved in the decision making before switching them to a best value medicine.

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