New Research could re-expose Tumours to immunotherapy treatments

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Scientists from Cancer Research UK have announced they have found a new way to potentially re-expose tumours to the killing power of immune systems and immunotherapy treatments.

Dr Francis Mussai lead author of the study and Cancer Research UK Clinical Scientist Fellow and Carmela De Santo from the University of Birmingham, have been studying immune cells (myeloid-derived suppressor cells or MDSC’s) taken from the blood of 200 adults and children who have been newly diagnosed with cancer. Pulling down the protective wall surrounding the tumour and re-exposing to innovative treatments such as CAR-T therapy could successfully tackle the tumour.

“New Research could re-expose Tumours to immunotherapy treatments. “

“Treatments that work with the immune system often don’t work as it can be difficult for the body’s immune system to gain access to the tumour cells.” explains Dr Mussai. “Our research shows an increase in the number of patients benefitting from being given an antibody drug alongside immunotherapies.”

A clinical trial is now being arranged to teste the safety and activity of the antibody drug.

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