Government gives £3.3m injection to support mental illness in children

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23 local projects that support children and young people’s mental health are to receive an injection of £3.3m from the government.

As part of the government’s commitment to transforming mental health care, the boost will allow thousands of children and young people up to the age of 25 to have access to local services that can support their mental health with counselling, mentoring and an arts programmes within the communities. It will also be able to intervene for those that are at risk of mental health problems.

“Government gives £3.3m injection to support mental illness in children“

‘The NHS has made a number of promises within the Long Term Plan to scale up and improve mental health to support children and young people,’ commented CEO of Association of Mental Health Providers Kathy Roberts. ‘We welcome the funds and the focus that is being given on this important area to ensure the projects are reached out into communities.”

The funding comes after reports have shown a record number of children are being hospitalised for eating disorders, and after a young person’s gambling addiction service was opened up by the NHS. The government has also pledged to overhaul the approach to mental illness and are looking to give better education, training and support across communities. Teachers are also to be trained so that they are able to spot signs of mental illness in children in order to intervene before the issues escalate.

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