Bedrock Launches new graduate programme

Healthcare Communications

Bedrock Group has launched SPARK, their new graduate development programme for those looking to gain a solid foundation for a career in medical communications.

Bedrock will offer graduates two programmes upon joining the company:

“Bedrock Launches new graduate programme“

1-year Specialist Programme

This programme provides an broad understanding of all aspects of Bedrock’s business, but focuses on a graduates specific area of interest (eg medical writing).

2-year Foundation Programme

This is programme where graduates rotate around the different teams within the Bedrock Group, which gives an insight into all areas of Client Services, Scientific Services, Multichannel Communications, and Origins, our health experience research Business ) within the group. This allows the graduates skills to be identified and where the key strengths will being the most value to the graduate and the business. For graduates with a less specialised background, the programme provides experience in all areas of our work and enables Bedrock and the candidate to identify key strengths that bring most value to them and the business. Assignments and projects are in place to encourage output, and responsibility, as well as a measureable benefit for the group.

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