50% of Brits think having bad teeth will affect their work


Unum Dental’s research as unveiled that 58% of Brits feel that having bad teeth would negatively affect their confidence at work.

Although adults are aware of the importance of their oral health, the study found out it was the cost of visiting the dentist for a checkup that put off a lot of people from going. 30% of workers sated that they would pay for dental insurance if there was an employee scheme in place.

“50% of Brits think having bad teeth will affect their work“

Andrew Bower, managing director at Unum Dental, commented “The research conducted emphasises how important dental insurance is to employees. It businesses were to look into offering a scheme, it would give employees piece of mind on their dental and oral health, and will allow them to feel confidence when in social situations.’

According to the lasts Consumer Oral Health Survey, 27%of Brits have admitted to not brushing their teeth twice a day, with 33% saying that they never floss.

‘Good oral health requires a proper brushing and flossing routine as it helps to prevent gum disease and tooth decay.’ Said Dr Catherine Rutland, dental spokesperson from Simplyhealth Professionals.

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