NHS Health Check Services to be reviewed

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A review of the NHS Health Check Service has been announced by Gov UK, who are looking to explore new intelligent predictive checks that factor in age, risk and lifestyles.

Over the past 5 years, the programme has identified over 700,000 people who have been at high risk of cardiovascular disease and has saved an estimated 500 lives each year. However since its roll out in 2009, it has been under scrutiny for wasting £450m a year, and flaws in the system that has left thousands undiagnosed.

“NHS Health Check Services to be reviewed“

With the programme ‘paying little attention to individual risk and needs,”, the government would like to address this by undertaking a review that will focus on offering personalised interventions based on factors including age, location and DNA.

Matt Hancock Health and Social Care Secretary said “We’re wanting to move away from the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach that is currently in place within the NHS. Personalised, preventative healthcare is critical to the future healthcare service that we’re wanting to build and this review on the health service check helps us to fit with what we’re trying to achieve.”

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