Boehringer's Stem Cell Product hailed ‘absolute breakthrough'

Animal Health

Boehringer Ingelheim’s stem cell based medicine to treat equine lameness, is the first to be licensed as an off the shelf treatment.

Performance horse portfolio manager, for Boehringer Amy Scott said the licencing of the product is ‘hugely exciting’ and is ‘an absolute break through.”

“Boehringer's Stem Cell Product hailed ‘absolute breakthrough'“

“Stem cell treatments have only been available for patients that you wanted to treat. Our off the shelf stem cell product means that you don’t have to do any stem cell collection from the patient , but simply order and administer.

This product does require specific storing temperatures so we’re asking practices have either a face to face or telephone training before they order the product.”

The treatment will have a two year shelf life if stored at the correct temperatures – either frozen at -70°C and -90°C (dry ice; -80°C freezer) or -196°C (liquid nitrogen) until immediately prior to injecting.

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