‘Express freight service’ for medicinal products in event of no-deal Brexit set up by Government

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In case of a no deal Brexit, An ‘express freight service’ to deliver medicines and medical products will be set up by The Department of Health and Social Care.

The service will deliver small medical product or medication parcels on a 24 hours basis, with larger containments to be available on a 2-4 day basis, as well as delivering temperature controlled products as and when required. The service is part of the government’s plan to continuously supply medical products and medicines when the UK leaves the EU in October, and will run for 12 months with the possibility of an extension is successful.

“‘Express freight service’ for medicinal products in event of no-deal Brexit set up by Government“

“It’s important to ensure that all the necessary steps and have been taken and we are as fully prepared as we can be for when we leave the EU in October,” Said Chris Skidmore, Health Minister. “This service allows the public to know what we have in place to ensure that all supplies of medical goods remained uninterrupted and will be put into action when the time comes to do so.”

Providers have until the 21st August to submit a proposal to win the contract with the successful applicant to be announced in September. As part of necessary preparation to ensure contingency and continuity of medical products and medicines, the £25m contract will be supported by the additional £2bn the government made available earlier this month.

The plan laid out by the government has received mixed reviews from those within the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. The British Medical Association feel the plan indicated “the chaos that lays in store for the NHS and patients” and highlights “just how costly this will be,” whereas The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) although have welcomed the additional measures, still maintains that “securing a deal remains the best way to protect patients.”

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