Skill Shortage leaves one in Eleven NHS Posts Unfilled

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A skills shortage is impacting on the NHS with one in eleven posts left unfilled according to the Edge Foundation.

The education charity has reported 41,000 nurse vacancies, as well as staffing problems in medicine, adult social care, and mental health. They also found that last year nurse undergraduates dropped by 4% and if no action is taken, it has been predicted that there could be as many as 70,000 nurse vacancies within five years.

“Skill Shortage leaves one in Eleven NHS Posts Unfilled“

Further data from the report highlighted the skills shortage across the UK economy, with 68% of UK employers saying they have struggled finding workers with the skills they need to do the job, with 92% of companies saying that soft skills mattered just as much as the hard skills,

Edge Foundation’s director or policy and research Olly Newton commented “Soft skills are the behaviours and aptitudes we need in the workplace to adapt to jobs of the future. Those with lower levels skills are vulnerable, as these are most likely to be replaced by computer programmes, algorithms or robots. We need to map our curriculum to offer the skills needed for 21st century jobs.”

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