New UK research centre unites experts to fight cancer

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A new UK research centre will bring together experts from different disciplines to research and develop different treatments to beat pancreatic and other forms of cancer.

Cancer Research UK is bringing together scientists who share their vision for a centre that integrates knowledge, methods and expertise from different disciplines (including engineering, physics, data and biological sciences and medicine). They will work together to discover, innovate and create new treatments and technology for treating people with cancer. The projects will be led by cancer experts Prof Paul Workman from The Institute of Cancer Research, London, and Prof the Lord Ara Darzi from Imperial College London.

“New UK research centre unites experts to fight cancer“

Prof the Lord Ara Darzi, director of Imperial College London’s Cancer Research Centre, commented on the new centre, “The new centre is already allowing us to transform the way in which we treat cancer. Sharing knowledge and expertise across all the different disciplines is the key to future proofing our work and will set the standard for the future of transforming cancer research worldwide.”

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