Merck Announces positive results from Keytruda trial


Merck has announced positive results from their phase 3 trial of Keytruda as a treatment for patients with triples negative breast cancer (TNBC).

The Keynote -522 study has been investigating the anti PD-1 therapy in combination with chemotherapy. Merck have been able to reveal that this study has met one of its endpoints following the neoadjuvant part of the study.

“Merck Announces positive results from Keytruda trial“

The results have also helped Keytruda stay in touch with TNBC leader Tecentriq (Roches treatment) but results later in the year will determine if this will mount to a serious contender in first line use.

Merck plan to discuss their findings with regulators as well as continue the trial, evaluating Keytruda against other treatments available. A read out for the trial is expected in December this year.

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