Astellas signs licencing deal with Frequency Therapeutics


Astellas has signed a £500.66m licencing dealt with Frequency Therapeutics to develop Fx-322, Frequency’s treatment for sensorinerual’s hearing loss.

Fx-322 restores the hearing function by activating inner ear progenitor cells into the body. This induces hair cell regeneration and restores the hearing function.

“Astellas signs licencing deal with Frequency Therapeutics“

Naoki Okamura, Astellas’ chief strategy offices commented on the deal “Astellas is committed to exploring new partnership opportunities that can turn science and technological advances into value for patients The Fx-322 programme focusses on the mechanism of regeneration and they are currently no approved therapeutics options available for sensorineural hearing loss. We look forward to carrying out further investigations on the potential of the drug and hope to improve hearing functions in patients across the globe.”

Astellas will undertake the development and commercialisation of the drug outside the US, with Frequency being responsible for the development with in the US. Both firms will carry out global clinical studies and activities relating to the drugs commercial launch together.

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