Thermo Fisher Scientific launches AgriSeq GBS solutions for dogs and cats


Thermo Fisher Scientific has launched three new Applied Biosystems AgriSeq targeted genotyping by sequencing solutions to facilitate cheaper and highly multiplexed and scalable targeted genetic screening tools for companion animals, with results in three days. The AgriSeq Canine Traits & Disorders Panel offers 154 markers targeting 136 genetic disorders and 18 traits; the AgriSeq Canine SNP Parentage & ID Panel offers 381 SNP markers for parentage and identity determination; the AgriSeq Feline Parentage & ID + Traits & Disorders Panel offers 111 SNP markers for parentage and identity determination, 64 markers targeting 42 genetic disorders and 22 traits.

Martin Guillet, global head and general manager for AgriBusiness at Thermo Fisher Scientific, said: “Our new AgriSeq GBS panels for dogs and cats will enable the industry to adopt and switch to highly informative SNP-based genotyping from current STR-based parentage testing. Customers will be able to provide more detailed, critical information at comparable costs and effort which will pave the way for our advancement in targeted GBS testing and screening of companion animals.”

“Thermo Fisher Scientific launches AgriSeq GBS solutions for dogs and cats“

Maarten de Groot, chief financial officer of VHLGenetics, said: “In our portfolio, AgriSeq targeted GBS really closed the gap between single plex genotyping and arrays, allowing for flexible panels in the range of 100 to 5,000 genetic markers, combining parentage verification and genetic variants. The efficient AgriSeq workflow aids in our scientific and operational effectiveness.”

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