Thermo Fisher develop new technology for detecting drugs


Thermo Fisher Scientific has developed a new drug-recognition technology, a TruNarc Handheld Narcotics Analyser, which costs around $25,000. It has been estimated by law enforcement officials in the US that the device can save the force around $22,000 in just one month as it offers the accuracy and reliability of a narcotics and drug test lab on the go. All sorts of illegal substances are easily identified using lab-proven Raman spectroscopy, and officers using the device can identify around 250 of the highest priority illicit and abused narcotics in a single drug test.

“Thermo Fisher develop new technology for detecting drugs“

The TruNarc Narcotics Analyser facilitates law enforcement officers to analyse critical drugs of abuse as well as common cutting agents, precursors, fentanyl, numerous fentanyl compounds including carfentanil, common street fentanyl analogues, pharmaceutical variants and two fentanyl precursors, NPP and ANPP. Officers can use the device to scan directly through plastic or glass for most drug test samples to minimize contamination, reduce exposure, and preserve evidence.

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