New FELIWAY marketing pack to help owners ‘spot signs of stress’ in cats

Animal Health

Recent research by Ceva Animal Health, manufacturer of the leading veterinary behaviour product, FELIWAY, has revealed that 88% of pet owners have cats that show signs of stress which include hiding away, urine marking, scratching, over grooming and conflict within multi-cat households.

With this in mind, Ceva has launched an eye-catching marketing pack to remind pet owners about the signs of stress in cats and ask them ‘Is your cat trying to tell you something?’. The marketing pack, which can be utilised as a wall display, features different cats demonstrating each sign of stress before reminding pet owners that, as territorial animals, if cats do not feel in control of their environment they become anxious and stressed. The display also informs pet owners that simple environmental modifications in the household and using the FELIWAY range of products, which includes FELIWAY CLASSIC Diffuser, FELIWAY FRIENDS Diffuser, FELISCRATCH by FELIWAY and FELIWAY CLASSIC Spray, ‘can help your cat feel happier in your home’.

“Recent research by Ceva Animal Health, has revealed that 88% of pet owners have cats that show signs of stress “

Abbie King, product manager for FELIWAY at Ceva Animal Health, says: “Even though cats often show signs of stress, such as scratching a household item, pet owners can benefit from being reminded about these signs. There are simple environmental changes, along with the use of FELIWAY products, that can help ensure that our feline friends are as happy as possible.”

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