Local Dental Committees support community water fluoridation


At a national conference, a motion applauding local dental committees who have been showing their support for community water fluoridation was approved.

The majority of the 42,000 England hospital admissions in 2016 - 17 were for extractions of decayed teeth in young children who were unable to be treated in general practice. Areas where water is not fluoridate also shows a higher number of children suffering with dental decay.

“Local Dental Committees support community water fluoridation.“

The network (consisting of a range of dental, medical, child and health related organisations) will be making sure that family needs are given an accurate representation, and that any consultations are informed with scientific evidence.

Simon Hearnshaw, a dentist who works for Health Education England, commented “This unanimous response from dentists and other health related organisations highlights how strongly we all support fluoridation of water, and how much we want to see the oral health of young patients improve.”

The network is ready to put forward dental and medical spokespeople, who will be able to answer questions, raise the challenges that they are having to deal with, and offer their opinion on how providing water fluoridation will make a difference.

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