Medtronic and Tidepool partner in diabetes

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Medtronic and Tidepool are to collaborate on a new, interoperable version of its MiniMed insulin pump, on getting an alternate controller-enabled stamp for it, and on getting FDA integrated CGM classification for Medtronic’s Guardian Sensor 3 system. This would facilitate Medtronic offering its own approved interoperable system, including future pump and sensor components that the user can connect with Tidepool’s open-source insulin delivery app Loop, which is designed to algorithmically adjust basal insulin rates every five minutes, projecting the user’s needs over the next half-hour to help keep blood sugar levels in range. Loop is under development for the iPhone and Apple Watch. Medtronic will also help Tidepool secure FDA approval for Loop and help build a software development kit so the app can communicate via Bluetooth with multiple pumps and CGM systems.

Howard Look, founder and CEO of Tidepool, said: "We think that Medtronic is making a very bold and important move here that shows tremendous courage and is the absolutely right thing for the diabetes community. Medtronic makes incredibly robust and reliable pump hardware, and they have extensive marketing, sales, and support organizations for people with diabetes and for healthcare providers. This network can help bring closed-loop systems to more people living with diabetes.”

“Medtronic and Tidepool are to collaborate on a new, interoperable version of its MiniMed insulin pump.“

Ali Dianaty, vice president of R&D for Medtronic’s diabetes group, said: "We have been listening and engaging with the diabetes community to understand what is important to them. We recognize that collaboration with Tidepool is a way to further drive industry innovation. Working with Tidepool and supporting interoperability, we can increase the options available for people with diabetes to manage their condition as they seek out solutions that help them achieve better health and improve quality of life.”

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