Collaboration widens between Merck and ESA


The European Space Agency and Merck will be extending their collaboration for another two years, to make contributions that will further the development of human space exploration. Innovation areas they will be working on together include Biosensing and Biointerfaces, which focus mainly on the interface between biology and digitalization. Data analysis tools will facilitate faster and more precise monitoring and treatment in several disease areas. Another innovation field is Clean Meat and Liquid Biopsy technologies, focusing on the biotechnology needed to produce genuine meat grown in vitro, and targeting technological solutions to overcome challenges in the liquid biopsy workflow to identify diseases quicker. Potential collaboration areas in materials research are liquid crystal technologies, coatings, and semiconductors. They will also continue to work together on digitalization through the exchange between their scientists and engineers on new and innovative technologies like automation and autonomy concepts, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, simulation, and Big Data, and virtual reality methods for laboratory and exploration activities on both sides.

Rolf Densing, Director of Operations and Head of the European Space Operations Center at ESA, said: “The profile and strategic interests of both organizations complement each other superbly. This allows both partners to openly share and make use of synergies in terms of competences, methods and tools.”

“Collaboration widens between Merck and ESA. “

Kai Beckmann, CEO Performance Materials and member of the Executive Board of Merck, said: “It is our goal to continue and intensify the exchange between ESA and Merck in a targeted manner. Scientific progress is the key to improving the lives of millions of people. Partnerships, such as this one with ESA, help to accelerate this progress and thus to achieve objectives faster.”

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