Daiichi Sankyo appoints new Chief Executive Officer


George Nakayama, CEO at Daiichi Sankyo since 2002, is to be replaced by the current COO, Sunao Manabe, with effect from 17th June, 2019. Mr Manabe joined Sankyo Co in 1978, straight after graduating from the Faculty of Agriculture at the leading University of Tokyo. During his tenure at Daiichi Sankyo, Mr Manabe has worked in Business Intelligence, Human resources, Global Sales and Marketing, Corporate Strategy and Medicinal Safety Research. Mr Nakayama will remain with the company and assume his new role of Representative Director and Chairman.

“Daiichi Sankyo appoints new Chief Executive Officer. “

A company statement said: “Daiichi Sankyo has determined this is the appropriate time for change of CEO in order to achieve further growth of the company.”

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