Paperless claims to replace FP17/FP170 paper claims


On 1st May 2019, NHS England will stop accepting FP17/FP170 paper claims for courses of dental treatment. This decision is part of the NHS’s commitment to a digital ambition: ‘Paperless by 2020’, and is supported by a government commitment in Personalised Health and Care 2020 that states: “All patient and care records will be digital, interoperable and real-time by 2020.”Around 11% of UK practices still use paper records, but it is estimated that going paperless could save between £8.3bn and £13.7bn each year by 2021.

There is a variety of software packages that offer technological support to dental practices. Software of Excellence has two: Dentrix Ascend Claim is for those who are not quite as computer savvy as others, and offers the most advanced clinical, front desk and business management capabilities in an easy, intuitive software package. Exact is a complete business tool, which automates many of the management tasks required to ensure a dental practice is working efficiently and remaining financially sound, allowing more time for patient care.

“Paperless claims to replace FP17/FP170 paper claims.“

The National Information Board paper states: “The last 20 years have seen other industries use technology and digital channels to reduce costs whilst maintaining or improving customer experience. So far, the health and care system has not taken full advantage of these opportunities.”

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