LEO Pharma extends collaboration with Elektrofi


LEO Pharma and Elektrofi, a US biotechnology company focused on drug formulation and delivery innovations, have agreed to extend their collaboration beyond the 2017 agreement to include the co-development of two specific new antibodies from LEO Pharma’s pipeline in the first instance, with the aim of achieving improvements in drug delivery within dermatology. There is an option in the agreement to a pre-negotiated license for the potentially improved antibodies in the pre-clinical and clinical stage.

Elektrofi cofounder, Jason Norris, said: “We are excited to further our partnership with LEO Pharma, who we consider to be a leader in patient centric innovation. This flagship deal for our growing company is an exciting consummation of a close partnership over the last 2 years. The biopharma industry’s continued shift to subcutaneous administration is a reflection of patients’ demand for convenience. Elektrofi is thrilled to utilize its technology with LEO Pharma to improve patients’ lives.”

“LEO Pharma extends collaboration with Elektrofi“

Kim Kjøller, executive Vice President, Research & Development, LEO Pharma, said: “At LEO Pharma we are working constantly to find innovative ways to help people with skin diseases and improve their quality of life. Together with Elektrofi, we hope to find new, more convenient solutions for drug delivery, which potentially will be of benefit to patients.”

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