16 weeks' supply of insulin to be stored in preparation for Brexit


The Department of Health and Social Care has confirmed that major insulin suppliers have decided to stockpile an additional 16 week’s supply of insulin in preparation for a possible no-deal Brexit. Health minister Stephen Hammond said insulin suppliers “have increased their buffer stocks so that they will hold 16 weeks of additional stocks over and above their normal supply” on the back of a written request from the government to the whole of the pharmaceutical industry in August 2018 to put stockpiling measures in place of an additional six weeks supply of medicines in the UK on top of their own normal stock levels.

Mr Hammond’s confirmation came largely due to a statement from the shadow health minister, Julie Cooper, who said: “I am not convinced that we have sufficient supplies or that sufficient steps are in place to ensure an uninterrupted supply. People, including those who rely on insulin, are legitimately worried.”

“16 weeks' supply of insulin to be stored in preparation for Brexit.“

Mr Hammond said: “The Department of Health and Social care absolutely committed to ensuring that there are in place detailed plans, which I hope I will be able to outline and reassure honorable members about, to ensure that in any post-Brexit scenario the health and social care of our country’s citizens is our top priority”.

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