Ivoclar Vivadent launches Ivosmile


Ivoclar Vivadent has launched an AI app for patient consultations which will allow dental professionals to show their patients a live visual of the smile that would be created if they choose a certain aesthetic dental treatment, right at the first appointment.

A set of improved teeth overlap the patient’s virtual-view smile, and this image is projected onto a handheld tablet enabling the patient or professional to make small changes to the image like tooth colour and shape. There is also a bleaching option to simulate bleached natural teeth, which will help to advise patients on the best level of whiteness for their teeth.

“Ivoclar Vivadent launches Ivosmile“

Effectively the patients will be able to view all options and modifications in real-time in virtual images and videos, enabling them to choose the smile they like best. The aim is to given the patient a clear idea of what aesthetic restoration would look like for them personally to help them decide whether or not to commit to cosmetic treatment.

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