Summer 2019 Nobel Biocare Global Symposium


The 2019 Nobel Biocare Global Symposium will be held at the Marriott Auditorium Hotel & Conference Centre in Madrid from 27th to 29th June, and there will be two further Global Symposia in Las Vegas in 2020 and Tokyo in 2021.

At the Madrid event, new developments in the field of implant design and site preparation will be unveiled, together with new advancements in implant surface technology and long-term implant care. Clinicians from around the world will be share their experiences and demonstrate how to help clinicians to further shorten time-to-teeth and improve long-term clinical results with some dedicated hands-on sessions and product demonstrations.

“Summer 2019 Nobel Biocare Global Symposium“

President of Nobel Biocare, Hans Geiselhöringer, said: “We are excited to welcome dental professionals from all over the world to Madrid in June where we will present the next revolutionary steps in dental implant care with a host of new and forward-thinking innovations. With two more events to come, it will be a once-in-a-generation opportunity to experience true game changers in implant dentistry.”

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