ADAPTIL and FELIWAY launch Pet Anxiety Month in March

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Ceva Animal Health, manufacturer of the leading behaviour products ADAPTIL and FELIWAY, is launching the first ever Pet Anxiety Month in March.

The nationwide campaign aims to educate pet owners on the signs of anxiety in cats and dogs, help identify the cause of the problem and encourage changes both in and out of the home environment to support anxious pets. Pet Anxiety Month will be supported by a #PawsForThought initiative to highlight the issue of anxiety in pets and encourage pet owners to share their stories on social media.

“ADAPTIL and FELIWAY launch Pet Anxiety Month in March“

The launch of Pet Anxiety Month follows research from the PAW (PDSA Animal Wellbeing) report1 that revealed that over half of veterinary professionals believe that they have seen an increase in dog behavioural issues in the last two years, with over three-quarters of dog owners saying that they would like to change at least one behaviour displayed by their dog and nearly 90% of owners reporting that their cat is afraid of at least one thing.

A high-profile dog-loving celebrity will be appearing on the ADAPTIL stand at Crufts on Thursday 7 March to launch Pet Anxiety Month and will act as an Ambassador for the campaign.

To support the initiative, Ceva Animal Health will be running a TV advertising campaign for ADAPTIL and FELIWAY from 7 March until 21 April, which directly targets dog lovers during More4’s Crufts’ programmes (from 7 to 10 March). The advertisements will also air on Channel 4, Channel 4 partner channels, Sky and Sky partner channels. Both advertisements are 30 seconds long.

Ceva is producing a marketing pack to raise awareness of Pet Anxiety Month containing eye-catching display materials and a social media toolkit.

Abigail King, senior behaviour product manager at Ceva Animal Health, comments: “More and more people are identifying anxiety and behavioural issues in their pets. Pet Anxiety Month will highlight signs of anxiety in cats and dogs that perhaps an owner is unaware of, help identify the problem and encourage changes both in and out of the home to make the household a happier place.”

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