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Covering the following locations: Birmingham

Suitable for PhDs in Oncology, Biochemistry or Immunology, this position will work to support the international sales team with all of the company's assays!
Delivery of scientific presentations, primarily within Europe/Middle East/Africa (EMEA) territory, to support company growth, support international sales and marketing, provide scientific expertise for TBS products.
Principal Duties and Responsibilities
-Delivery of global strategic focus area coordinated scientific education both internally and externally
-To travel to meet the business requirements, which will include national and international travel. Travel will be coordinated with International Sales and Marketing, GMs, as well as with the R&D director.
-Develop and manage relationships with Key Opinion Leaders primarily, but not limited to, EMEA countries.
-Coordinate external clinical projects in line with company objectives, production of project plans and timelines
-Have an expert understanding of company's assays
-To provide expert understanding of assays, including linearity, precision, LoB, LoQ, LoD, interference and how these relate specifically to our flagship products
-Expert understanding of the diseases that the company's flagship products may be used in as well as the adjacencies to these products
-A global understanding of the company's assays and OEM opportunities.
-Develop external relationships with laboratory and clinical staff to feed new ideas into Pre NPD paperwork
Office Based Duties and Responsibilities
- Provide strong marketing support, with respect to internal projects including White Papers, Mid-Term Reviews
-Global strategic focus area support
-Production of abstracts and peer reviewed articles based on data evaluation from the aforementioned studies
-Production of standard company slides to align scientific message and Marketing
-Provide comprehensive companywide training (Digital, Written and Personal)
-Ensure personal objectives and priorities are met, thereby contributing to the overall project objectives and ultimately the company objectives.
Knowledge and Skills
-BSc in Biology, Immunology or similar
-PhD in Biochemistry or related subject (or equivalent combination of education and work related experience)
-Scientific experience in areas involving Haematology, immunology or oncology
-Data management skills (basic statistical analyses and data handling, interpretation of scientific data, and development of graphics)
-Excellence in Scientific communication (written, verbal and presenting)
-Excellent Organisational skills
-Good Analytical skill
-Team player able to communicate effectively in a manner consistent with professional scientific etiquette with all levels within the Company and with the Customer base.
-Flexibility and being sensitive to the companies need with respect to working out of hours.
-Strong professional and interpersonal skills to effectively operate on an international basis (i.e., aptitude for working with diverse groups and appreciation of business or social dictums within disciplines e.g. Clinic, laboratory, research)

-Clinical Chemistry
-Previous experience working in IVD
-Direct and indirect management
-Assay development
-Project management and timelines
-Application of science within a commercial environment
-The ability to think and present data independently to all levels of staff including board and senior managers. The role requires a certain degree of scientific discourse which in its nature can be confrontational and therefore this role needs a strong character to lead such discussions.

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