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Covering the following locations: Guildford, Oxford, Reading, Tonbridge, London

B2B Tech Account Director

Chameleon have a commitment to their employees to offer 'the best working experience someone can ever have'. - That's not an ambition but a fact. If you are an Account Director (£40k - £60k + benefits) that has an keen intellect, the drive to achieve the best results in the way that works for you and wants to work with and have constant access to the most successful and experienced people in Tech PR then read on.

To help dissect this commitment, ask yourself the following questions and answer honestly:

- Are you consistently intellectually stimulated?
- Do you work side by side with some of the most experienced and successful people in Tech PR, having access to their knowledge and guidance at all times?
- Do you walk out of the doors at the end of each day proud of what you've achieved?
- Do you have the opportunity to achieve the best results in a way that works best for you?
- Are you 100% sure you consistently deliver to the highest level?
- Do you have the commitment of your current agency to develop and evolve your skills and abilities, so you know exactly when the promotion is coming?
- Do you work in an open, honest, adult environment that is fast-paced and offers variety.
- Do you want to avoid unnecessary politics, red-tape or meetings for the sake of them?
- Are you able to execute programmes strategically and correctly?
- Do you want to be highly respected throughout the sector?

There are many other questions but if you have answered positively to most of these then congratulations, you are currently working in a very rare place indeed and I wish you continued success.

If you're not getting these commitments and have the attitude, ability and drive outlined in the complete job and person specifications then please get in touch.

Job Package

Highly competitive and, depending on the value you demonstrate, the basic would be between £40k - £60k + Benefits (health, pension, phone, laptop, duvet days etc.). Added to this you are allocated a personal training budget.

Person Profile

Chameleon are a team that have been selected, trained and mentored to be the best in the business by the best in the business. Whether you're a SAM ready to become an AD or an AD looking to further your skill-set, the desire to challenge yourself, stimulate your intellect, be taken seriously and do the same for others is vital.

You will possess:

A degree from a leading university.
A keen intellect and an attitude to continuously learn and evolve.
Be strategically minded and want to get under the skin of client's economic and business environment.
A 'go-getting' personality.
The ability to absorb information quickly and work in a fast-paced environment.
Be open, honest and mature to self-evaluate and challenge.
Be completely engaged in the development of yourself and those around you.
A results driven achiever, who understands that quality is more important that quantity.

Interview Process

Chameleon respect the fact that any interview is designed for both parties to make an informed decision. You will be encourage to examine your thought processes, experience and attitude, rather than give so-called 'right' or 'wrong' answers, by talking through various competencies. They, in-turn, will ensure you have all the information about their business about what they will give to the successful candidate.

There will also be a writing test - Details of which will be given when necessary.

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