Role filled in December 2007 - Pharma GP / Hospital Representative 242A Jobs

Covering the following locations:

GP / Hospital Representative 242A


PRODUCTS: - Pain, Oncology

CLIENTS: - Primary and Secondary care

INDIVIDUAL REQUIREMENTS:- ideally seeking an experienced representative, with impressive achievements

RECRUITMENT PROCESS: - 2 interview process, 1st normally on patch, 2nd at HO

PACKAGE: - Competitive basic salary with excellent benefits

Job Package

SALARY - Wide salary scale dependant on experience and performance in interview
LUNCH ALLOWANCE - £5.25 per day.
PENSION - Contributory from day one - 6% of salary v 17.5% by company.
LIFE INSURANCE - 3 x annual salary. From day one
MEDICAL COVER - free from day one.
COMPUTER - Lap top.
CAR - Wide choice, Including Mondeo, Honda Accord, VW Golf, BMW, Saab, Volvo and Lexus, can downgrade if required and take the cash equivalent
TRAINING - Comprehensive and flexible, dependant on ability, experience etc. The training programme is modular and progress is at a level relevant to each candidate. Initial basic training is usually completed within 3-4 months.
DEVELOPMENT - Long term and on-going, designed to ensure each salesperson develops as an individual and is ready for the future opportunities as appropriate.
BONUS - based on cash growth, per product, per territory, paid tertiallly, average per annum is £5k, top performers can earn £12k.
NAPP BANK - can buy in for a period of either 1, 2, or 3 years, on competing that period of serive and proviiding you are in the top 50% of performers, you receive either £1000, £1,500 or £5,000 respectively.

Person Profile

Candidates should ideally have a MINIMUM of 2 years industry experience on territory, working both GP's and Hospitals. Sales Achievements should be impressive, as should their degree of self reliance

OR a strong trainee however they must be able to demonstrate achievement within their work and/or personal life

Interview Process

1st Interview with Line Manager and Sales Force Recruitment Officer
2nd Interview at Head Office with Divisional Manager and Human Resources

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