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Graduates fresh out of University can provide many an opportunity for business – they are young, flexible and eager to impress. Combine that with fresh up to date knowledge of the industry, you might just have your edge over some of your competitors. If you are looking to nurture, develop and grow either an individual or group of graduates, we at Zenopa can help you.

Who are we?
Zenopa is a service organisation providing flexible, rapid and effective medical and pharmaceutical recruitment (both permanent and contractual) solutions to our clients. Our business is effective at recruiting an individual, or a team of 50 personnel for a team build or recruitment drive, no recruitment problem is too big.

Why Choose Zenopa as your recruitment partner?
We offer a full range of services including:

- Permanent Recruitment: All of our candidates are competency interviewed and a transcript of the interview is held on file. This we believe is unrivalled in the industry and provides complete candidate quality audit for our ISO 9001 systems.
- Contract Roles: If you are looking for candidates on a short term basis e.g. maternity or sickness cover, or you have a project where you need a few extra pair of hands, our short term contract solutions are a great way to keep your business moving forward.
- Advice and support throughout the recruitment process: We will provide you with our own dedicated team and Account Manager. Our dedicated team will work with you and tailor our service to your specific requirements.
- Client specific advertisements: We have a dedicated marketing team that offer a range of client services including online job advertising and Digital adverts to ensure that your company and vacancies are promoted to the right target audience.
- Industry advice and information: We take the time to understand your business, how you work and the cultural fit. This ensures that we can provide you with candidates whom we believe will be an asset to your company.

The next step:
If you would like to find out more about how we can become your recruitment partner, please call the team on +44(0)1494 818 000 send us a message or email

All enquiries are handled in the strictest confidence.

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"Tom is efficient and has been very easy to communicate with throughout the whole process. I will definitely be contacting him again."

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